Verification of employment of potential borrower was often reduced to a simple dial-up to the specified phone of the borrower. But everything has changes not so long ago.

After a boom in the mortgage market in the mid 2000s, banks have gotten a negative unprecedented experience of mass defaults by borrowers as a result of careless enough scrutiny of documents and the identity of potential borrowers.

Today, therefore, the borrower, who intends to apply to the bank for a home mortgage, must meet much more serious requirements than in ordinary payday loan or a credit card.

The identity of the borrower - an important factor in approving the loan.

Of course, different banks may not be identical to the requirements of the potential borrower, but some general conditions do exist:

There is a widespread belief that to guarantee the loan, a borrower will have to prove that he is wealthy person. Of course, this is a joke. But to prove your ability timely and accurately, you will have, with no doubts, repaying the loan.

Despite the fact that home mortgages is not an easy deal, its worth it, as you will have your own beautiful place to live and grow children.